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Author, "The Money Keys",
Certified Master, MindPT

“I lOVE MindPT - an app that brings positive psychology, technology and the science of the brain together!”



Author, "The Happiness Advantage", CEO GoodThink Inc.

 “What’s amazing about MindPT is that it gives users the opportunity to be primed by positive images.”



Author, Madly Chasing Peace,
Certified Master, MindPT

“One of the most powerful ways to teach people and train people how to think differently.”



Scholar,.Educator &.Coach
Founder: The Supreme Love Project

“MindPT sessions are fantastic tools to help deepen and actualize the mindset shifts you are striving for.”

The efficacy research demonstrating the positive priming impact
that a single viewing experience delivers is very exciting and can be applied in business performance,
therapeutic, educational, sporting, mental health
and culture change
management programs in the Corporate arena.
It’s an extremely valuable tool to include incourses, coaching & education too,
to help your clients or students to…
  • Retain information more easily
  • Expand their understanding
  • Generate creative solutions
  • Accelerate their learning

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Click Here To Reserve Your Bespoke MindPT Session :

Regular: $497


Time Left For This Offer:

How It Works

So, You wonder how it works?
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Learn how MindPT gives you the power of your non-conscious mind. Listen in to Dr. Paul Scheele as he astounds you!

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The 17 Elements of MindPT

MindPT uses a precise blend of high quality, clinically studied techniques. Each element is proven to safely and quickly improve emotional and physical wellbeing, and leads to peak performance and greater happiness.

17 Benefits

  • Broaden & Build Theory

    Dr Barbara's Broaden & Build Theory states that happiness encourages a broader range of behaviors i

  • Reticular Activating System

    The RAS is an automatic mechanism that alerts you to information relevant to you. It is influenced b

  • Mirror Neuron

    Brain cells that fire not only when you perform an action, but when you observe another person perfo

  • Pygmalion Effect

    A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on the expectations placed on people and the individual's

  • Galatea Effect

    A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on inner belief of self-worth, abilities and potential.

  • Placebo Effect

    A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on the expectation of an outcome creating the outcome.

  • Preconscious Processing

    Our brains instantly analyze a few key features of any situation before we are consciously aware of

  • Emotional Contagion

    Emotional contagion is the unconscious mimicry and emobodiment of the emotions of other people.

  • Positive Empowering Statements

    The power of “I am” and other positive statements, help activates positive self-fulfilling proph

  • Active Meditation

    A type of self-fulfilling prophecy based on the expectation of an outcome creating the outcome.

  • Gratitude

    What we focus on expands as we unconsciously take action to validate what we perceive. Gratitude ins

  • Mental Rehearsal

    Mental rehearsal is creatively visualizing the future and “pre-learning” the behaviors necessary

  • Engagement

    Being personally engaged in the presentation through self-images and self-written personal power sta

  • Fun

    A key element to positive personal change is fun, in order to encourage daily and consistent use unt

  • Relaxation to the Stress Response

    Releasing stress is key to promoting behaviors that lead to better results.

  • Happiness

    Positive images and statements stimulate the release of peptides, which activate the opiate receptor

  • Neuroplasticity

    Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity, is the brain's ability to form neural pathways and synapses in

Meet Kim Serafini, Creator of MindPT

Kim Serafini is a catalyst, assisting people in organisations to deliver both necessary and measureable improvements in business results as well as emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. A commitment to her clients becoming smarter, happier, healthier, more resourceful and more likely to rise to challenging occasions is what sets her apart. The results of her insightful and motivational keynotes or workshops, ignite teams to raise their level of performance, develop a culture that cultivates strong leaders, and shifts people’s mindsets from being victims of circumstance, to masters of change.

Learn how to combine and apply the best research findings from the science of happiness, emotional intelligence, positive leadership, change and corporate communications. Discover the most efficient and effective ways to purposefully apply the knowledge and make it work in any role and professional environment. Capitalise on research-based, proven strategies and tools.

Avoid the common perils and disruptive courses of action inadvertently implemented whilst embedding other change management programs.

Leading Expert 
- Kim Serafini is a leading advisor on the practical applications of neuroscience, emotional intelligence and positive psychology at work. A recognised thought leader in her field, Kim is the mindset expert in various conferences and seminars.

Empowering Speaker  - Kim Serafini turns science into simple and practical tools anyone can use, inspiring individuals, organisations and teams to be the best they can be. She has mastered the art of transferring energy to empower people.
Global Consultant  - Top organisations work with Kim to cultivate positive workplaces, emotionally intelligent leaders and high performing teams. Her programs are uniquely customised to fit the company, industry and market trends. This ensures an immediate impact to the audience and a high reutrn on investment for her clients.

Master Trainer  - Kim trains coaches, consultants, HR professionals and business leaders in emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience tools.


Kim's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

guarantee-300x230We are committed to your happiness and success! We are so confident that Mind Power Technology works that we’re pleased to offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee! We invite you to use Mind Power Technology at no risk whatsoever. Engage fully in the process every day for at least 30 days to see how powerful this program can be. If you are not fully delighted with the experience, simply speak with Kim personally (via Skype online) at the end of the month and we will cheerfully refund your payment – every penny. Don’t postpone your massive success by a year or more … sign up now to ensure you’re in the right place, at the right time now.

I guarantee you’ll be blown away with the results! We are committed to your happiness and success! We are so confident that Mind Power Technology works that we’re pleased to offer an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee!

What Makes MindPT So Effective?

Each session is a revolutionary new way of integrating new ideas directly into your other-than-conscious mind - the source of your self-talk, outlook, choices and actions. Bypassing the conscious mind’s conditioned filters means effective, positive change that automates success, wellness and happiness.